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What is Soulstice Training?

Soulstice Training is an organizational training and development firm specializing in leadership, communication, and team functioning. Through its core competencies in conference and classroom speaking, on-site training, consulting, and writing, Soulstice Training is dedicated to exploring a more spirited approach to leadership, work and life.

The vision of Soulstice Training is a new-world business environment that actualizes the potential of people to co-create the future with their peers, their leaders, and their customers.

Michael Millis is the principal partner in Soulstice Training, LLC. His 17 years of experience in education, training & development include positions in senior & middle-level management in the professional development & technical training departments of companies in financial services, high-end retail, healthcare, & public education.

With an M.A. in Organizational Communication & continued professional development at Stanford University, the Disney Institute, & Fast Company magazine, Michael’s academic background strongly supports his professional experience.
His audiences enjoy Michael’s enthusiastic style & thought-provoking questions. His deeply held respect for the individual & the group enables him to reach people from a wide range of experiences & traditions, building a sense of shared values which honor each individual’s uniqueness.

How can we help your people blossom? E-mail us at michael AT soulsticetraining DOT com.